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North County Incorporated Regional Development Association
350 Village Square Dr, Hazelwood, MO 63042

North County Incorporated is a regional development organization that has been serving the region for 27 years.More Founded in 1977, its members, who volunteer their time and talents, do much of NCI's work by serving on one or more active committees. The goal is to connect and collaboratively work toward a better and more prosperous North County.

The Association is focused on helping to establish businesses and provide new jobs to the area. Public transportation is a huge priority as is health care, so NCI works to improve communication between providers and benefactors to increase the quality and accessibility of health care. The residential program is set up to help invite new residents to North County and the publications arm provides newsletters and brochures for developers as well as residents of North St. Louis County. If you would like to help, call and donate some of your time for the good of North County.

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