St. Louis Cardinals Invade Hazelwood

Hazelwood West 2002 alum, Kyle McClellan, brings Adam Wainwright out to The Fieldhouse Summer Baseball Camp at the Hazelwood Sports Complex.

Baseballs, baseball caps, bats, team shirts and baseball cards are just a few items that come to mind when thinking about summer baseball. But for children from Hazelwood and beyond, Friday afforded them a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet some St. Louis Cardinals players, and have those items autographed.

Pitchers Kyle McClellan and Adam Wainwright came out to the The Fieldhouse Summer Baseball Camp at the Hazelwood’s Sports Complex, where in an intimate session, they answered questions, signed autographs and much more.

More than 50 children, 5 - 7-years-old, were present participating in this year's summer camp.

Kyle said he makes appearances at the baseball camp "as a way of giving something back to his hometown community." In a statement, he said he wants young people who love to play the game to know that hard work, and following coaches instruction can make the dream of a major league baseball career come to fruition.

Kyle McClellan is a 2002 alum, and grew up in the Hazelwood area. His brother, Matt McClellan, is West's head baseball coach and his father Terry McClellan owns , which is one of the camp sponsors and host.

This is the third year The Fieldhouse Training Center has hosted a summer baseball camp at the Hazelwood Sports Complex. The 2011 camp was held June 20 - 24. Matt McClellan directed the camp which aimed to help teach youth the fundamentals of baseball. Some techniques taught pertained to hitting, fielding, pitching, base running, catching and bunting.


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