Hazelwood's Community Clean-Up Campaign in Full Effect

Local businesses are providing discounts on home improvement items and the City of Hazelwood is urging residents to take advantage of local resources to clean up your home and the city.

Hazelwood's 14th Annual Community Clean-Up Campaign began last week. Make plans to participate in this year's campaign scheduled to continue through June 29. 

The is urging residents to do thier part in cleaning up personal property through the following avenues and incentive:

1. Usable Item Pick-Up

  While cleaning out through bulky waste items and white goods for curbside pick-ups, don't forget to set aside unwanted but usable items for charitable organizations that serve the city. Most pick up clothing, books, toys, kitchen items, household goods, etc. Contact the organizations listed below to make arrangements for pick-up of items at your home during the clean-up campaign:

  • Salvation Army, 314-535-0057
  • Catholic Charities, 314-382-7158
  • American Kidney Fund, 314-968-9768
  • Goodwill Industries, 314-371-1296, ext. 218

2. Bulky Waste Curbside Pick-Up

All Hazelwood residences may leave limited quantities of unwanted bulky waste items at the curb for collection. Each resident is limited to five (5) items and each item cannot weigh more than 40 pounds a piece.

The City of Hazelwood will be divided up into sections throughout the entire Community Clean-Up Campaign. (Click here for a list of all city streets and their assigned pick-up dates.) 

Acceptable Items: sofas; mattresses; chairs; cabinets; tables; tubs; sinks; vanities; lamps; wooden or plastic furniture; playground equipment; rugs; and small TV sets.

Unacceptable Items: tires; cart parts; batteries; construction materials; concrete; compost; flammable liquids; household chemicals; and paint.

Call Allied Waste Services at  636-947-5959 with any questions.

3. White Goods Curbside Pick-Up

All Hazelwood residents may leave unwanted white good items at their own curbside. Allied Waste will charge $15 per White Good item during the month-long campaign. Residents will have to call Allied Waste at 636-947-5959 to schedule a White Good pick-up.

White Good items include: dishwashers, water heaters, refrigerators (doors removed and/or locks disabled), air conditioners (NO FREON), microwaves, washers and dryers.

4. Outdoor Home Improvement Incentive - (Entire month of June)

Bring a copy of the Community Clean-Up Campaign flyer printed in the Parks and Recreation Activity Guide-Summer 2012 to Waldbart & Sons Nursery (5517 N. Highway 67 and receive a 10 percent discount on outdoor household merchandise and/or nursery items.

5. Compost Bin Close-Out

Help transform yard waste into a natural resource. The City of Hazelwood Public Works Department has a limited supply remaining of easy-to-assemble compost bins for $5 per unit. Bins can be obtained at the Hazelwood City Hall (415 Elm Grove Lane), (1186 Teson Road), and (8969 Dunn Road). Proof of Hazelwood residency is required.

6. Boy/Girl Scouts of America Trash Sweep - (Available anytime)

Throughout the Clean-Up Campaign, area Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are encouraged to pick-up trash along major streets in the City of Hazelwood. If you or your organization would like to join them, call the Clean-Up Campaign Headquarters HOTLINE at 314-513-5013.

7. Adopt-A-Highway/County Road Program - (Available anytime)

The state of Missouri, St. Louis County and City of Hazelwood Adopt-A-Highway program information is available through the City of Hazelwood. This is a great way to provide ongoing community support for anti-litter and roadway beautification efforts. If you or your organization would like information, call the Clean-Up Campaign Headquarters HOTLINE at 314-513-5013.


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