Whiz Kid: Hazelwood West Student Elected President of the MO Future Educators Association

In its first year at HWHS, the FEA chapter has been active in many projects including raising awareness for the North County area for Accessible Play.

Rashaun Fentress, an 11th-grade student at Hazelwood West High School, was elected president of the Missouri Future Educators Association (FEA).

FEA is an organiztion for students interested in becoming teachers and educators upon college graduation.

Rashaun said he had no idea he was going to be nominated, let alone elected.

"It was a huge surprise,” Rashaun said. "We had a chance to give a short speech and I guess they liked what they had heard.”

He credits his involvement with FEA to Denise Inman, group sponsor and SSD teacher.

“At the beginning of the year I had a class with Mrs. Inman, and I guess she saw something in me and asked me to join the club,” he said in an HSD statement. “I like the fact that even though the club may be geared toward future teachers, it also really helps to develop great leadership skills regardless of what you want to be in life."

“I can’t say enough of this young man," Inman said. "He has stepped up to be a tremendous leader in our school.”

In its first year at HWHS, the FEA chapter has been active in many projects.

In March, group was involved in a fundraising project to raise awareness for an all-inclusive playground in the North County area for Accessible Play Inc that brought in $5,000.

The group also participated in the Special Olympics, and presented Disability Awareness Week lesson to more than 30 academic seminar classes.

FEA members are also involved with Project WALK, which is geared toward students in danger of dropping out of school. Members mentor and tutor students.


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