No Mayoral Competition in Hazelwood, Three File for HSD Board of Education Spots

Both incumbents have filed in the Hazelwood School District. Hazelwood's mayor will have no competition this election cycle.

Both municipal filings for the 's mayoral positions and the (HSD) Board of Education closed last week.

HSD board director seats for Mark Behlmann and Desiree Whitlock are up for grabs, while the questions loomed would .

Both HSD incumbents, Behlmann and Whitlock, have filed to keep their seats. They will have a little competition from Keith Boykin, who has also filed to run to fill either of the two positions.

Only Robinson filed to run for re-election as mayor, according to city clerk Colleen Wolf, so there won't be much of a race unless a write-in candidate takes off.

The election will take place April 3.


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