HSD School Receives 350 Book Bags Filled with School Supplies

KidSmart has selected Twillman Elementary School to receive 350 book bags filled with school supplies Monsanto donated.

There are 350 students in the Hazelwood School District that have something to smile about as they were selected to received book bags filled with school supplies.

KidSmart partnered with Monsanto to provide the school supplies to the students at Twillman Elementary School. 

KidSmart is an organization that provides tools for learning. It is aimed at helping children succeed in school by providing free school supplies through KidSmart’s Free Store.

Individuals and businesses donated the school supplies  to the stores and teachers shop for free at the store once a month.

KidSmart opened in 2002, and has distributed more than $27 million in school supplies to more than 45,000 children.

Ann Sheinbein, a KidSmart representative, said Twillman Elementary was selected to receive the book bags because of the supportive relationship between the organization and the school.

“It is important to note that the teachers are our partners,” Sheinbein said in an HSD statement. “We appreciate that they choose to shop at our store every month.

"The teachers here are Twillman Elementary have been very supportive of us (and) without that support, we would not be able to get the supplies into the hands of the students.”

Monsanto volunteers helped pack the book bags with the school supplies and came to Twillman Elementary to help distribute the bags.


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