HSD Prepping to Make Technology Upgrades

At Tuesday's HSD Board of Education meeting, the board heard a report from the district's director of technology on the good, the bad and the ugly of the district's technology infrastructure. Plus, Proposition H construction continues.

One thing the (HSD) can feel proud of is the fact that its technology for students, teachers, faculty and staff isn't horrible.

In fact, it's better than many, and the district plans to continue to do better by preparing for technology infrastructure upgrades.

At meeting the board heard from Ed Tate, HSD's executive director of technology on where the district is in terms of technology, and where it needs to go.

Essentially, Tate said the district's current technology plan was approved in 2010 and will expire in 2015, in which STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education) is a strength.

  • Student laptops are are between 0-5 years in age and will need to be replaced.
  • Student desktops are doing well and are only 4 years old.
  • Teacher laptops are 4 years old and are fine.
  • Staff desktops were replaced last year.
  • HSD is in the process of creating three new apps to make learning and teaching even more user friendly.
  • HSD is currently in the process of upgrading broadband width and installing wireless Internet into all schools.

Find out more about the district's plans for technology implementation, which will include tech gadgets like iPads and digital textbooks, Friday morning on Patch. Think you might forget? Signup for our newsletter to receive email notification when the article publishes.

Construction Updates

The Hazelwood School District Board of Education approved three construction contracts, which will all go to the same recommended company, Wright Construction.

At , Wright Construction submitted the lowest big proposal to perform makerboard, flooring, entry replacement and parking lot improvements at $296,000. Caldwell Contracting submitted a bid proposal at $382,000 for the same project, but based on bid tab notes left proof of some requested documents out of the proposal. Rallo Contracting also submitted bid proposal for the same project for $329,000.

At , Wright Construction submitted the middle bid for an elevator addition, markerboard and flooring replacement, and code upgrades at the school. The company's total proposal amount was $992,000. United Construction also bid on the project at $858,000, and Midwestern Design & Collection submitted a proposal at $1.04 million.  

At East Early Childhood Education, Wright Construction again came in the middle bid at $997,000 for an elevator addition, renovation and parking lot resurfacing. Rallo Contracting also submitted a bid for $980,00 for the same project, but forms the company submitted to HSD in the proposal submission process showed the company's MBE/WBE participation is below the district's requirements for consideration. Wachter also submitted a proposal for the same project at $1.10 million.

Other District News

In other news, the Hazelwood School District Board of Education:

  • Gave final small contract approval to the National Center for Youth Issues to provide a trainer for HSD's January 4, 2013 professional development for counselors and social workers.
  • Accepted a gift from Russell Elementary PTA on behalf of for two ActivBoard brand promethean boards with projectors in the amount of $3,600.
Ashley May 02, 2012 at 04:20 PM
This is really cool. It's important for kids to constantly get what they need and I'm happy the school district is keeping up with the times. I can't wait for the day my daughter comes home with her homework on a tablet!


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