HSD Fundraising For Its Athletic Programs

The Hazelwood School District is partnering with the St. Louis Rams to raise funds for high school sports. Saturday, Oct. 1, is the last day to help out.

Feel the need to help out your school's athletic program? Well the (HSD) has a new initiative aimed at raising money for the district's high school athletic programs.

HSD is teaming up wit the St. Louis Rams on a special ticket promotion. So how does it work?

Anyone, this includeds parents and community members, can purchase tickets for the Oct. 30 St. Louis Rams vs. New Orleans Saints game for $45.

The price includes a $10 food voucher, and approximately 500 tickets are available. The catch: it's cash only.

Tickets can be bought at , Central or East high schools. The deadline is Oct. 1.

So how will this benefits HSD athletics? According to at Hazelwood West, the partnership with the Rams is mutually beneficial to each high school.

“One of the benefits is being able to buy equipment or do things that need to be done but we don’t have the money for it in the budget," he said in a statement. "The money raised can be helpful to all teams in our high schools."

Matt Honerkamp, a St. Louis Rams group sales executive, said there's a lot of excitement about the partnership.

“Community involvement is important to the Rams," he said. "Not only do we get to work with Hazelwood, it allows us to introduce ourselves to the community.

"Our school initiatives and fundraisers have been very successful because it’s a win-win for the school district and the Rams."


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