Hazelwood West Middle School Forming A Safe School Committee

The school is seeking parent input and participation in the committee.

In the wake of the May at , the school's administration is forming a Safe School Committee.

Hazelwood Patch that the school had begun the process of healing through counseling for students and increased enforcement of areas during class time, and additional policy on hallway monitoring.

In an email blast sent out in June, parents were asked to participate in the schools efforts to keep the school safe by joining the committee.

If you are interested in serving on a committee with students, staff and parents regarding the topic of safe schools, contact Allison Klouse, the school principal, at 314-953-7801.

According to the email blast, further information regarding the committee will follow in the next few months.

Jane James July 28, 2011 at 01:32 PM
More of out tax dollars at waste. It seems its just another way for them to make it look like they are dealing with the problem . It does not take a committee it takes staff and teachers with a backbone. I know plenty of parents that have issues at this school with the bullies. The child being bullied is expected to take it and walk away and child doing it never faces consequences. If the bullied child fights back they are punished . The kids roam the hallways during class. The security guard is a joke . They set rules, guidelines and polices and never follow threw with them . They showed there hand when they sent that poor girl that was assaulted back out into the school with no adult , failing to notify parents and so on . If you think about it we would not of known our children were going to school with predators if the news had not gotten a hold of the story . This school needs a complete over haul and to be held accountable for failure to protect our children . The lazy teachers and staff needs to be replaced , and they need checks and balances in place . Someone needs to do random walk throughs to make sure they are following there procedures. Any time of the day you go to the school there are a ton of kids walking the hallways and I take bets with out passes . The teachers dont care as long as they not bothering them .


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