Who Has Donated to the Obama and Romney Campaigns in Hazelwood?

Use the nifty, easy-to-use database below to see who in Hazelwood and across Missouri has donated to the Mitt Romney-President Obama Election 2012. You'll want to share this with your friends.

The final vote totals for the Election 2012 presidential race are less than 72 hours away, but the final pre-election numbers for contributions to President Obama and Mitt Romney have been calculated.

In Missouri, 25,561 contributions have come into the two candidates -- 20,508 for Obama and 5,053 for Romney.

In Hazelwood, 73 contributions have come in for the president and three for Romney.

To see who from Hazelwood -- or anybody from Missouri -- contributed to the campaigns, just type their names in the appropriate window above.

Note that the database is based on data from Federal Elections Commission. The contributions are to the specific candidates and do not reflect those made to political parties or PACs.

Note, also, that negative amounts symbolize a contribution that was taken back from the campaign. "Negative entries could be refunds, credit card charge backs, redesignations (assigning a contribution to a different election) or reattributions (assigning a contribution to a different contributor)," says FEC spokesman Christian Hilland.


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