Whitlock, Behlmann Win the HSD Board of Education Race

A close race for leading position, the incumbents, with more than 20 years combined on the board will remain.

The Board of Education will remain unchanged following the April 3 municipal election.

It was a close race for the leading two, but with each having about 38 percent of the vote, incumbents and   will remain board directors.

"I felt very confident that Desiree and myself were going to win," Behlmann said. "I think the numbers show how the voters believe in the board as it is currently."

Both stayed close to each other the entire time votes were tallied and released to the public.

The race was that of three with newcomer . giving both some competition.

"Desi and I are veterans at this," Behlmann said. "When you have a board and members doind thier job, it's kind of hard ot just come in thinking it's just fun and games because this is a serious job."

Things appeared to be fairly close as absentee votes were at 7:55 p.m. Whitlock lead Behlmann 455 to 445, with Boykin trailing 192 points at 253 votes.

Mid way through counting  at 9:10 p.m., Whitlock was still leading with 1,340 votes. Behlmann was right on her tail with 1,326 votes, and Boykin Sr. was in third with 784 of resident's vote.

In the end, official results showed Whitlock bringing home 3,229 votes, Behlmann received 3,158 votes and 1,855 votes went to Boykin Sr.

Whitlock has been a Hazelwood School District Board of Education director for nine years, serving as president, vice-president and secretary. She has also held offices with the PTA at Keeven Elementary School, Kirby Junior High and Hazelwood East. Whitlock has served on various committees including those involved with : Hazelwood 1st, Propositions 4, H and 1st.

Behlmann has been on the board of education for 15 years. He said the job of board member is a serious duty that isn't always easy. He has retired from the construction industry and said that an ideal board member has to be passionate about the volunteer position. 

Boykin Sr. owns his own company and is a youth pastor for his church. Although he has no political experience, he said he wanted to earn a seat on the board in order to improve programs that help students develop like tutoring.

Behlmann said it's fine for people who have aspirations to run for board positions but added that sometimes, people have to think about what's best for taxpayer money.

"It's a shame that people come out and run for the board and waste taxpayers money when they've never even been to a meeting," he said.

Hazelwood Patch made calls to Whitlock and Boykin Sr. as well, but went strait to voicemail.


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