Perspective: Warren "Butch" Taylor and Mike Conley

The two council members discuss goals including continual business development and strengthening the city's codes enforcement.


Councilman Warren Taylor, Hazelwood's Ward 6 representative, who goes by “Butch,” is serious about his job and anxious to get started on another term. He said he is looking forward to another election “so we can get started with the new stuff.”

When asked why he filed for re-election, Taylor said, “I enjoy my job and I think I’ve been a plus to the council.”

Taylor says that one of the council’s largest accomplishments, and one that makes him most proud, is “getting the Ford Plant taken care of.” Taylor expanded on the subject, telling Hazelwood Patch that when the Ford plant went out of business in '06, more than 1,400 workers lost their jobs and for years, 155 acres of land sat stagnant. But now, according to Taylor, there are plans in the works to sell and redevelop the property. Those plans are part of the development of Aviator Business Park.

Taylor originally ran to be on Hazelwood City Council because the mayor at that time, along with several of the former council members, asked him to, he said. He had been on the City of Hazelwood Parks and Recreation board for 22 years prior to being asked to serve on council, 12 of which he was chair of the board.

Taylor, who is running unopposed, will be entering his second term.

“It’s an honor to be voted in and to be able to help the community and keep up the tri-state area,” Taylor said.


Councilman Mike Conley, who represents Ward 4, said he is excited about this election because it’s the first time he has run unopposed.

“It’s a good feeling to run unopposed,” he said. “I just have to remember to vote for myself.”

Conley said he filed for re-election because he enjoys doing his job, helping the people, and representing his constituents.

“Overall, helping people and talking to them is my passion. So I love my job,” Conley said.

Conley looks forward to continuing to try to nurse Hazelwood through the economic recession right now. He hopes to see more development of Aviator Business Park, Lambert Pointe and other various developments within city limits.

Conley said he has been and will continue to try to strengthen the city's code and enforcement of upkeep of Hazelwood's neighborhoods.

“I want to continue working on the sign codes for Hazelwood, otherwise people will just keep throwing them up all over the place," he said. "We’re trying to hammer out a sign code that will make everybody happy and keep the city looking good."

Conley says he originally decided to run to be on city council because at that time Hazelwood needed better representation. As a resident who has been in the area for 48 years, Conley felt he would be a strong asset to the team dynamic. This will be his third term on Hazelwood City Council.


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