Meet Hazelwood's Top 10 Elementary School Readers

Ten students were honored for their strong commitment to reading at a recent city council meeting.

Ten Hazelwood students were honored at a recent City Council meeting for an extraordinary accomplishment: they are among the top 10 readers of the ’s “” program.

Students who participated in the program kept track of the number of minutes they read between Septmber 2011 and July 2012.  

The program, sponsored by the Hazelwood Community Enrichmnet Commission and the Hazelwood Parks and Recreation Program, was designed to help students in kindergarten through fifth grade develop an appreciation for reading.

“Like with any other skill, reading requires constant practice and diligence,” the city said in a press release. “Good reading skills are a key factor in improving academic achievement.”

And the winners are…

The top reader in the Hazelwood area is Russell Conley, who read for 3,885 minutes. Coming in second was Kendon Whitehead with 2,700 minutes, with Kellen Brixey running a close third at 2,465 minutes.

Other winners included the following.

  • Fourth Place: Brandon Lynch – 2,260 minutes
  • Fifth Place: Geoffrey Hopping – 2,170 minutes
  • Sixth Place: Elysia McClain – 1,513 minutes
  • Seventh Place: Alexander Holmes – 1,380 minutes
  • Eighth Place: Avery Hardrict – 1,330 minutes
  • Ninth Place: Miriam Neimand – 1,025 minutes
  • Tenth Place: Esther Homes – 1,020 minutes

The winning readers received certificates and recognition by Mayor Matthew Robinson and several other members of the Hazelwood City Council.

Want to be the next top reader?

There’s good news for aspiring top readers. The “Reading is Elementary” program is held three time each year, and the next round starts Sept. 1 and runs through Nov. 16.

To get in on the reading fun, just pick up your registration forms at the at or at the starting around the middle of August. With a parent’s help, kids should fill out the form and return it to either recreation center.  Everyone who signs up will be entered in a drawing for a pizza party that will be held on Nov. 30 from 7 to 9 p.m.

Plus, you can register as late as Nov. 16—so even those who aren’t registered can still start reading. As long as you’re registered by the last day of the event, you are eligible to win a spot among Hazelwood’s top ten readers.

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