Hazelwood Looking to Grow Business Sector through Annexation

Hazelwood City Council approved resolution adopting a boundary change plan, which has to be submitted to the St. Louis County Boundary Commission by July 1.

Under a plan and map to be submitted to the St. Louis County Boundary Commission by July 1, the will indicate an interest in being open to the idea of expansion that would place properties fully within city boundaries.

It's not an immediate move, but Hazelwood City Manager Edwin Carlstrom did recommended passage of a resolution adopting a boundary change plan for the purpose of potential future annexations at .

"It's what I call the south industrial area," Carlstrom said. "It's an unincorporated pocket of St. Louis County.

"It's surrounded by Hazelwood, a little bit by Berkeley and the Airport to the south."

Potential for Growth in the Business Sector

Carlstrom said a similar plan has been submitted in the past. He said he plans to make presentations at the start of the new year on the proposed plan.

"We will be getting prepared for presentations some time after the first of the year to discuss why we want this area and what potential impacts to us and businesses in the area," he said.

With a portion of both and buildings only partially being located inside the limits, the annexation would bring them wholly in.

"This will straiten up a lot of our boundaries," Carlstrom said. "Half of the buildings are in Hazelwood and half are out.

"In talking with the director of the commission I think it they are very excited about the natural extension of our boundary on this."

St. Louis City Property?

Hazelwood City Councilwoman Mary Singleton had one concern, which was fire and police coverage of the proposed area. Because the property is considered a part of of , it's technically St. Louis City property.

"It's owned by the city of St. Louis, right?" she asked. "If it's City of St. Louis owned will they or the airport police it?

Carlstrom reiterated the airport portion of the property is in unincorporated St. Louis County although it is owned by St. Louis City.

"I had our fire department take a look at it," Carlstrom said. "But really nobody's servicing it formally.

"It's one of these areas where we'll have to look at fire districts and what municipal services will administer."

Mayor Matthew Robinson said he thought a lot of the buildings in the area were Boeing property to which Carlstrom said he planned to discuss the annexation plan with the company.

"Boeing does have a fire department and one of my strategies is to work with Boeing on some kind of a shared responsibility," Carlstrom said.

5 Year Plan

Municipalities across St. Louis County are required to submit maps every five years to the St. Louis County Boundary Commission. The maps are considered something of a "wish list". Inclusion on the list only means the land could be considered within the next five years.

Is there an area just outside city limits that you would like to see become part of Hazelwood? Tell us in the comment section below.

Ashley June 21, 2012 at 07:55 PM
Seems fair enough. I'd be interested to know the bottom line for taxpayers but you might as well annex a whole company building into city limits.


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