City Council Set to Hear Public Opinion on New Fiscal Year Budget

Plus, Audio Express to request a sign variance. Are you deciding whether to attend the June 6 Hazelwood City Council meeting? Here's a few things that will be discussed and voted on.

will convene Wednesday at 7:30 p.m., to discuss city business. Council will meet in its chambers at Hazelwood City Hall.

City manager Edwin Carlstrom will discuss and make recommendations to city council on consideration of purchasing a track loader, which is used for digging and loading material. Carlstrom will also discuss consideration of an agreement with Information Technologies, Inc., for hosted services and court administration software.

There will be two public hearings. Hazelwood residents and business owners can weigh in on both subjects.

The first is regarding a sign variance for at Village Square. The company would like to request a 38-square-foot variance of the city's maximum size regulation for wall signs. City Council has held pretty strong to obeying signage regulations in an effort to keep business promotion fair and balanced between large and small, corporate and local businesses.

The second will be a public hearing on the fiscal year 2012-13 city budget. Hazelwood Patch gave an .

City Council has several items up for final vote including:

  • Bill 4317 which would granting a one year extension of Howdershell Road QuikTrip's special land used permit.
  • Bill 4318, which would authorizing a contract for design and construction services for .

There will also be a citizen's hearing where Gateway College of Evangelism representatives will request a special land use permit for its private school at 700 Howdershell Road.

Will you be attending Wednesday's Hazelwood City Council meeting?


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