City of Hazelwood Now Accepts Credit/Debit Cards

The city recently announced that it will accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover for court and traffic fines, permit fees and business licenses.

How often do you write checks these days? Within the next few years, experts predict that credit and debit cards will become the primary form of bill payment.

If you’ve ever paid a court or traffic fine, permit fee or business license fee in the , you know that the city only accepted cash and checks. But good news for Hazelwood residents—the city recently announced that it will begin accepting credit and debit cards.

Machines that can accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover have been set up at Hazelwood City Hall in Public Works, Municipal Courts and Finances, the city said. The and will soon also be equipped to accept credit and debit card transactions.

“Our intent by launching this new program is to improve the quality of customer service we give to our citizens and visiting guests,” said Lori Helle, City of Hazelwood director of finance. “We want to create a more hassle-free atmosphere for them by giving them the flexibility, convenience and speed of using their credit/debit cards.”

The city said it will cover the fees associated with accepting credit and debit cards, which will cost approximately two percent per transaction.

“So on a $25 transaction, the fee would be about $.50 depending on the method of payment,” the city said in a press release. “However, Hazelwood’s Municipal Court will be charging $4 per payment made with a credit/debit card.”

Officials said that it should be a win-win for all parties involved—residents get more convenience and flexibility, and the city is more likely to be paid on time. Additionally, the savings the city will see in bounced check fees and banking penalty fees should balance out the transaction fees.

Will you use your credit or debit card to pay your fees and fines? Share your thoughts in the comments section, below.


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