Council to Consider Revising Law on Prohibited Traffic Turns at Wednesday Meeting

Hazelwood City Council will also have final vote on several bills including an economic development and new employment training and opportunities loan agreement.

Hazelwood City Council will convene Wednesday at 7:30 p.m., to discuss city business. Council will meet in its chambers at Hazelwood City Hall.

Council will meet the Robertson Fire Protection District's new fire chief.

Hazelwood city manager Edwin Carlstrom will also present council with information and make recommendations regarding amendments to an agreement with GKN Aerospace North America for services, as well as to a law on prohibited traffic turns.

City Council also has a several items up for final vote including:

  • Bill 4361: Granting a Special Land Use Permit at 7000 North Hanley Road for a Vehicle Service and Repair Facility
  • Bill 4362: Authorizing a Contract for Flooring at the Hazelwood Community Center
  • Bill 4363: Approving an Economic Development and New Employment Training and Opportunities Loan Agreement
  • Bill 4364: Amending a Contract Authorized by Ordinance 4194-12 for an Additional Expenditure for the Reconstruction of a Portion of Missouri Bottom Road
  • Bill 4365: Amending a Contract Authorized by Ordinance 4017-09 for Additional Engineering Services for the Reconstruction of a Portion of Missouri Bottom Road

Will you be attending Wednesday's Hazelwood City Council meeting?


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