$6 Million Aquatic Center Bid Awarded to Local Contractor Demien Construction

The Wentzville Board of Aldermen gave the go-ahead for construction to begin on Splash Station Aquatic Center.

The Wentzville Board of Aldermen chose local builder Demien Construction Company to build the city's long-awaited Splash Station Aquatic Center.

Demien offered a base bid of $5,850,00, along with a five percent contingency ($292,500) to allow for overages. If the contingency monies are not used, the city has identified and ranked several alternative features that may be added to the facility:

  1. Lazy river water feature sprays, $35,000
  2. Piping and valves for lazy river sprays, $19,000
  3. 3-meter diving platform, $46,000
  4. Shade Structure, $9,500
  5. Umbrella at Shade structure, $5,700
  6. Decorative Concrete paving at Pool Deck, $32,000
  7. Powder coating on water slide, $11,000
  8. complete irrigation system, $21,000
  9. Decorate perimeter fence, $18,500
  10. Entry drive/sidewalk trail, $12,000

City documents note that "Rankings 1-10 were considered for safety, health, aesthetics, play value and ease of installation during initial construction."

During discussion, Wentzville IT and Procurement Director Jerry Hillin suggested that the board consider including an independent engineering firm to perform periodic inspections during the construction process.

Interim City Administrator George Kolb, just three days into his new position, said, "I would recommend that we focus on the project." Kolb said that staff would take a look at Hillin's suggestion, but that he was concerned that the city might be paying for duplication of services.

Ward 2 Alderman Chris Gard said he was concerned because the city had already gone through an evaluation process with the original design firm. "Now we’re talking about continuing to pay them plus an outside firm. If we’re saying we have reservations with their ability to manage construction, why are we paying them to do it?" he said.

Ward 1 Alderman Cheryl Kross said, "I don't want to hold this project up." She then offered her services with a shovel to get things moving.

The board voted to accept Demien's bid an proceed with the project, which is projected to open in 2013.

Mayor Nick Guccione recused himself from any discussion on the issue, as he has familial connections to one of the bidders. Board President Rick Stokes moderated the discussion and vote.

ashley September 21, 2012 at 12:38 PM
Were is it gonna be located at?
Tamara Duncan September 21, 2012 at 01:40 PM
On Peine Road next to Peine Ridge Elementary School.
beth campbell September 21, 2012 at 01:56 PM
I can't wait to go here. A great addition to the recreational opportunities here in the Wentzville Community.
Tamara Duncan September 21, 2012 at 08:34 PM
I'm hoping that they can manage the spray features for Lazy River. Imagine that on one of those 90+ degree summer days. Just floating around and around and around . . .
Marty Witbeck May 18, 2013 at 02:57 AM
Is there an update on what features the finished Splash Station will have? What is the current estimate on when it will be finished? I for one hope they finish this project with all of the bells and whistles before starting the other part projects. If this means delay the other park improvements to pay for the additional features of this park then that is ok with me. I would rather have a little bit of quality parks rather than a lot of barely ok parks. Let us have a city we can be proud of.


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