Woman Uses Twin Sister's Identity, Gets Arrested for Sister's Crime

Plus, a group of Hazelwood West High teens threaten another student at the park in Thursday's crime report.

Here are a few of the crimes that occurred on February 6 in the City of Hazelwood. Hazelwood Patch attained the accounts from the Hazelwood Police Department (HPD).

Property Damage: Vehicle tires were slashed in the 5200 block of Ville Angela.

Property Damage: A vehicle door handle was damaged in the 300 block of Avant.

Harassment: A group of teenagers threatened a 16 year old at Queen Ann Park. Because they all attend Hazelwood West, the school's resource officer was notified for further action.

Stealing: A woman was arrested for stealing at St. Louis Outlet Mall. Upon booking her police discovered she was a wanted fugitive in University City.

Resisting Arrest: The passenger of a vehicle fled on foot during a traffic stop at the intersection of Latty and Midwood. The man was identified and found to be wanted for second-degree burglary, as well as other fugitive charges. He was entered into HPD's system as wanted.

Stealing/Property Damage: A vehicle was broken into and the door lock damaged at St. Louis Outlet Mall. Items were also taken from within the vehicle.

False Declaration: A woman was stopped in the 7300 Block of North Lindbergh Blvd. and arrested for having fugitive warrants. It was later determined the woman arrested was using her twin sister's identity and she didn't know her sister was a wanted fugitive.

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