Thieves Steal a Hazelwood Business' Air Conditioner

Plus, Hazelwood police are looking for a person who maced someone during a verbal argument.

Here are a few of the crimes that have occurred in the throughout the past few weeks. Hazelwood Patch attained the accounts from the (HPD).

April 18

Stealing: Thieves stole the air conditioner from a Hazelwood business in the 7000 block of North Hanley Road.

Assault: An individual sprayed mace in another person's face during a verbal disagreement in the 5300 block of Knoll Creek Drive.

Stealing: Individuals broke into a vehicle at St. Louis Mills and stole items within.

Burglary: HPD is investigating a burglary in the 1600 block of Gerard Park Lane. Money was taken from the resident, and according to police the thief could possibly someone the victim knows.

April 20

Fraud: A resident in the 300 block of Chez Paree Drive reported fraudulent charges made on her personal account.

Drug Arrest: An individual was arrested in the 1500 block of Villa Rosa Lane for marijuana possession. Police were called to the scene to investigate a disturbance and the drugs were found.

April 21

Stealing: A person was arrested for stealing ammunition at Cabela's.

Property Damage/Burglary: A vehicle was broken into in the 5400 block of Knoll Creek Drive and items were taken.

Property Damage: A mailbox was damaged in the 200 block of Anastasia Drive.

April 22

Third-Degree Assault: Two teenagers were taken into custody in the 6900 block of Berkridge Court for fighting.

Burglary: Individuals walked into an unlocked house in the 7500 block of Lila Drive and took items.

Stealing: A man's briefcase was taken from his vehicle in the 9000 block of Dunn Road.


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