Police Add Patrols Around St. Louis County Schools

With students back in school, St. Louis County police are adding patrols around schools and bus stops.

The St. Louis County Police Department issued the details of the increased patrols in a news release Friday. 

Authorities stated that patrols will be increased in areas around schools, bus stops and in speed zones. Officers will also be watching for drivers not obeying the stop arms on buses.

Police stated that it's all part of the St. Louis County Police Department's Back to School Enforcement Program which focuses on the safety of students.

The following information was included in the news release.

"This program is designed to provide extra visibility and enforcement, especially in our neighborhoods and around school buildings," noted Chief of Police Tim Fitch. "Officers from both our Patrol and Special Operations Divisions will be out to ensure that speed limits are strictly enforced, school bus stop arms are obeyed and suspicious activity is identified." 

The Enforcement Program consists of the following areas of concern: additional Patrols around and near school buildings; additional Patrols around school bus stops; strict enforcement of school speed zones; and strict enforcement of school bus stop arm violations.

"Remember, allow extra time for getting around on the roadways as school begins, especially in the morning and during afternoon rush," Chief Fitch added. "Parents may also want to take this opportunity to check our on-line Registered Sex Offender Registry (which can be found on the Missouri State Highway Patrol website). Parents can search by zip code to know if any offenders live near their child's school, bus stop or home. This information is available to help all parents make informed decisions about their child's activities."

Police also advise parents to know their child's route to school and to make sure their children carry identification and emergency contact information. Children should travel with others and avoid strangers and strange vehicles, police stated in the news release.

For additional school safety tips, parents can obtain a copy of our Back to School Safety Tips pamphlet from the St. Louis County Police website.

stacey August 26, 2012 at 02:16 PM
This is great news, and an excellant article! I have been seeing the extra patrols near schools, and LOVE it!! Last school year, I witnessed a HORRIBLE fight where 3 girls were jumping on one punching, screaming, etc. Another man who was driving by and myself stopped to help the victim and called police. Hopefully the extra patrols make bullys weary about attacking kids at bus stops and on their walk home! I also learned another saftey tip, i'd like to share. Do NOT write your child's name on the outside of your child's bookbag! There have been cases (not closeby that i'm aware of) where abductors have seen child's name and yelled to them saying their mom told him to pick them up, etc. Just thought I'd share because I've never thought of that before. Anyways, Big UPS to STL county Police Dep!!!


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