North County Men Accused in Attempted Hazelwood Burglary

A neighbor heard glass breaking Friday and gave Hazelwood Police descriptions of three men fleeing from the scene. They arrested the men minutes later.

Two North County men were charged in an April 20 burglary attempt in .

Casey Peebles, 39, of Ferguson, and Willie Peebles, 18, of Dellwood, have been charged with attempting to break into a home in the 5200 block of Ville Angela Lane.

A neighbor heard a glass breaking about 9 p.m. last Friday and went outside. He saw three men running from a nearby carport and began chasing them, he told police. The men got away, but the neighbor gave descriptions to Hazelwood Police.

Casey and Willie Peebles were arrested minutes later, and the neighbor identified them as the men he saw running from the carport.

According to the , when officers caught Willie Peebles, he told them, “We never got inside the house.”

Willie Peebles had a cut on his arm, and blood was found on the broken window, police said in the report.


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