'No New Information' Concerning Randy Feger's Case, Police Say

In response to requests from the community, Patch reached out to local police for an update in the case of the father-of-four who lost his life in a local bar last year.

Since the death of  Randy Feger, the Florissant man who died after sustaining critical injuries during an altercation at a local bar, the community has been holding its breath, waiting to hear whether the suspect has been charged or arrested.

 “The Feger case is still under active investigation,” Florissant police officer Andy Haarmann told Patch on Dec. 5. “There are certain things that the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s office wanted before they were going to consider charges.”

 Haarmann added that the department has remained in contact with the other party who was involved in the fight.

“We do not believe that he is a flight risk at this time,” he said.

Updates on Randy Feger’s Case

As readers have continued to reach out to Patch for updates on the progress on Feger’s case, Officer Haarmann offered another brief update this week.

“There is no new information concerning this incident,” Haarmann said. “The case remains ‘Under Advisement’ with the county prosecutor’s office.”

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Ashley February 06, 2013 at 05:10 PM
I get wanting to keep readers updated, but why stir the pot? If they were going to charge the guy he fought they would have already. It sounds like maybe his death wasn't due to the fight, but not going to the hospital after the fight; which doesn't always mean the person he fought was at fault. I don't know either person before anyone starts attacking and a I feel bad that a lot of people lost someone they love.
Time to move on February 08, 2013 at 04:26 AM
I seem to agree with you, Ashley. From what I have read about this whole situation, is that this guys friends assumed he was passed out due to his drinking and first threw water in his face to wake him up. His girlfriend then assumed when they got home that he was passed out drunk, so she left him in the car until he could sober up and come inside. Therefore, it seems pretty obvious that he was drinking pretty heavily that night for all of these folks to assume the same thing. Thus, is he was that drunk, who is to say that he didn't trip/fall and smack his head on the ground. Have yet to read about Anyone witnessing the other guy even hitting him. Sad as it is, folks need to just let him rest in peace and quit blaming someone else.


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