Hazelwood Police K-9 Unit Honored for Its Work

Hazelwood K-9 officer Onyxx is awarded two medals for his police work.

The German Shepherd Dog Club of Greater St. Louis honored Hazelwood K-9 officer Onyxx. 

K-9 Onyxx was presented with two medals and certificates during the event at The American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog.

Officer Mike Monticelli, K-9 Onyxx’s partner, was on hand to accept the awards and to place the medals around the canine’s neck. They have been paired together for the past six years and worked the two cases chosen for award recognition.

Officer Monticelli has been with the Hazelwood police force since 1995 and is currently assigned to the Special Operations Group, Traffic Management Team.

K-9 Onyxx was born in Czechoslovakia on February 18, 2005. In 2006, he graduated from the St. Louis City K-9 Academy and began his service with the Hazelwood Police Department.

A year later, he was certified with both the Missouri Police K-9 Association and the North American Police Work Dog Association.

Onyxx is trained to detect narcotics, tracking, area search, building search, evidence recovery, and handler protection.


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