Stupid Americans, Raceball and Dumping the Olympics

Your friendly neighborhood blog-geek rounds up recent standout blog posts from Local Voices bloggers.

The Local Voices bloggers have been on fire lately, and the past week was no exception.  I found myself impressed, offended, happy, angry and even nostalgic reading some of this week’s gems—and I learned a few things along the way.

Check out some of the most interesting, entertaining and/or useful posts I found around Patchland this week—and a couple that are guaranteed to ruffle your feathers, one way or another.

London Olympics, this blogger is SO over you! Local Voices blogger Sandie Smith Grassino says that she gets it, but the Olympics just aren’t her “cup of tea,” so to speak. She —and I gotta say, I don’t think she’s totally wrong. What do you think?

Her Daisies are the future, but she wishes someone would have told her a few things first. Our newest Local Voices blogger, Daisy Girl Scout leader Carol Schneider is going into her second year leading local girls through the adventures and lessons scouting offers—and they’re teaching her a few things along the way, too. In her first post 

If you believe in the pathetic concept of democracy, you’re just part of the ignorant collective, according to opinionated Local Voices blogger Jerry Pipes. --Pipes uses quotes to call democracy a “pathetic belief” and bemoans the “collective stupidity” of Americans.

Raceball? 101 ESPN , who offers his take on “why there are fewer black baseball players and baseball fans” and why he loves baseball anyway.

You can’t get lower than scamming veterans. Thankfully, we’ve got Better Business Blogger Jerri Stroud to let us know that some charities aren’t as honest as we’d hope. In her post this week, she shares tips for avoiding scams, as well as a warning about a so-called charity called Veterans Relief Network. .

Dogs need R&R too! At least —but she’s not talking about rest & relaxation. She means recognition and reward.

Did you ever catch a crawdad? Urban Nature Guide Jessie Hoagland offers a glimpse into the wonder and excitement that a family can find fishing for crayfish in local rivers and streams, and she suggests you start your own family nature club while you’re at it.

As you might know, this is only a very small cross-section of the Patch Local Voices blogger population. Which blog posts did you enjoy this week? Share your favorites in the comments section, below.

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