Rate & Review It: Did You Find A Great Deal at Valley Industries Thrift Shop?

Let us know how your experience went at the thrift shop. If you're looking for antiques or a great bargain, would you stop by Valley Industries Thrift Shop?

If you take customer service seriously, you know what a difference it can make in your experiences with local businesses.

That's why it's so important to share those experiences with the community--both good and bad.

Whether you've had an excellent customer service experience or one that left you less than satisfied, we want to hear from you--and so do your neighbors.

Here's your chance to let your fellow Hazelwood residents know how you feel about the businesses around town.

Each week, we’re giving a readers the opportunity to rate a business or public place in the City of Hazelwood, and to tell others what they’ve experienced.

It’s very simple.

Just click on the link provided of the business name or public location, and rate it from there. You can write a small review as well as give between one and five stars.

This week, we’re putting Valley Industries Thrift Shop in the hot seat for a review.

If you've been to Valley Industries Thrift Shop, how did you feel about the service? Did you enjoy the products for sale? Click on Valley Industries Thrift Shop and share your experiences with the community!

Don't forget that you can always rate and review any business or location in our places directory.


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