Not Just for Lovers: How to Celebrate 'Sweetest Day' WIth Your Kids in Hazelwood

While Sweetest day hasn't fully caught on in Hazelwood yet, it might be a holiday you should consider embracing with your kids. Here's why.

Happy Sweetest Day, Hazelwood!

Sweetest Day is kind of like Valentine’s Day, but it’s not only for romantic love—it’s for all kinds of love: the love you have for your family, the love you have for your friends and neighbors, and even spreading the love to the world around you.

Today’s the day to celebrate all the people who make your life special. It’s an American holiday that reminds us that being thoughtful and kind to others can not only enrich the lives of the recipients, but also to the person doing the giving.

A Little Background on Sweetest Day

Sweetest Day was founded by a Cleveland, OH candy company employee around 1922, according to SweetestDay.com.

It was Herbert Birch Kingston’s goal to bring happiness to the lives of people who often found themselves forgotten, so he gathered his friends and started distributing candy and trinkets to kids in orphanages, as well as people who couldn’t get out of the house due to illness or disability.

Over the next decade, two movie stars, Ann Pennington and Theda Bara, helped to bring the concept to the public’s attention, which led the city of Cleveland to officially declare the third Saturday in October “Sweetest Day.”

The idea has continued to grow over the years, and although it’s primarily recognized in the Great Lakes region and the northeast, it’s spreading gradually throughout the U.S.

Ideas for Celebrating Sweetest Day as a Family

Since Sweetest Day might be a new concept for some Hazelwood families, we’re sharing some ideas to help you decide how to celebrate with your kids.

Surprise the kids with a special outing to a Pumpkin Patch. Let them pick their favorite pumpkins, hit the maze and jump in the bouncy house. Take lots of pictures, and let them indulge in a hayride or pony ride while you’re at it (and no complaining about the cost!). Don’t look at your watch the whole time—and just feel the love. That’s what Sweetest Day is all about!

Send small gifts, such as flowers, candy or other tokens of affection to your parents, grandparents, neighbors and your child’s teachers. And don’t forget to leave a little something special for your mail carrier while you’re at it. You could even bake some cookies yourself for a personal touch.

Make a family Sweetest Day photo album together. Better yet, make it online with a service like Walmart.com’s photo book service or Snapfish. Then you can have copies made for other friends and family members and share the Sweetest Day love.

Volunteer together. There are plenty of local volunteer opportunities your family can get involved with in and near Hazelwood. The best part? You’ll kill two birds with one stone: you’ll be helping others and getting a bit of good karma at the same time. Plus, you’ll teach the kids how to give back and feel good about it—and themselves.

Hit the park. Check out a park you haven’t visited before as a family, and afterward, stop for dinner at your favorite local restaurant. In Hazelwood, you could try any number of the city’s facilities. For example, many residents favor Howdershell Park for its family-friendly qualities and jogging options and Harry S. Truman Park offers nature trials, fishing holes and more.

Have a real day off for once. Stay home, rent movies and make popcorn or other special movie treats. Snuggle in your favorite PJs and sip something sparkly. If you have trouble picking a movie you can all watch, try some fun board games instead and enjoy a family game night.

Kids: celebrate your parents, too. Little kids can help Mom or Dad make dinner or tidy up the house. Older kids and teens can work together to make a special dessert to share after dinner. You could also consider writing a poem, singing a song or drawing a picture to let them know how much you care. And don't forget Grandma, Grandpa and other special friends and loved ones.

Have you celebrated Sweetest Day before? How will you celebrate this year? Tell us in the comments section, below


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