Countdown to Emerald Automotive: When are the Jobs Coming?

Hazelwood Patch has been inundated with emails from former Ford and Chrysler professionals wondering where to apply and when to expect any news regarding the job hiring process.

Since that the prospect of a new automotive factory moving to Hazelwood would come to fruition, the buzz around town has revolved around when people will be able start applying for jobs.

I was at the Schnucks on North Lindbergh in Florissant right at the Hazelwood border and the first thing the cashier that rang up my groceries asked me was, "Did you hear about the new auto jobs coming to Hazelwood?"

In fact, Hazelwood City Councilman Robert Aubuchon was in line three customers in front of me and the cashier discussed his excitement of a possible upturn in not only Hazelwood's economy, but also the economies of North St. Louis County and Metro St. Louis overall.

So when are the jobs coming? I've spoken with a few wonderful individuals that lost automotive assembly jobs at Chrysler today. Mainly those that read an earlier article and wanted to know to where they could fax or drop off a resume' as soon as possible.

Individuals like Teresa Schaefer, who said she's been an automotive worker for a long time and was "just waiting to use her experience again."

Overall, the theme of conversation's I've had today has been, "You just don't find jobs like that anymore."

While I can't give a definite location, email address or website to which any person can go to submit a resume' or fill out a job application, I can say that the strategy for the job hiring process is being developed.

KSDK reports that Emerald Automotive CEP Andy Tempest says currently the company is looking to fill 13 administrative positions.

It's not until 2013 when Emerald executives plan begin to really hire and  to have line workers in place. At that time about 300 position will be filled. By 2014, that there should be close to 600 employees in place, according to the company.

According to the KSDK report, Tempest said these are union jobs, with two possible shifts. The plan is to put together a operational liaison team live in St. Louis by October of this year. 

The company is still developing its website, and the report states that currently there's no place to send resumes or applications.

Stay with Hazelwood Patch as we continue to bring coverage on site development for the plant, and progression of the job hiring process.

melissahead July 29, 2011 at 06:58 AM
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Carolyn Spann December 10, 2012 at 10:54 PM
I am trying to fill out application for a job on your web site an I do not no how
Candace Jarrett December 17, 2012 at 04:53 PM
Carolyn go here: http://www.emeraldautomotive.com/careers.html That is the direct link to the company's application.


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