Could Pot Be Legal in Missouri, Ever?

Colorado and Washington voters said yes to measures to legalize marijuana. Could it ever happen here? Petitions have been circulated in University City and elsewhere in the Show-Me State. Would you support it?

On the heels of ballot initiatives in Colorado and Washington that successfully legalized recreational use of pot by its residents, could it happen here in the Show-Me State?

A petition drive to put it on the Nov. 6 ballot obviously failed, in spite of efforts around the state to get enough signatures. Activitists brought the drive to The U City Loop in February and the Eureka branch of the St. Louis Public Library in March.

Informal polls on Eureka-Wildwood Patch and University City Patch showed overwhelming support for legalization. But, of course, they're self-selecting polls, not scientific.

Most of us probably missed the Nov. 3 conference on the subject of legalizing pot in Missouri, hosted by the Show-Me Cannabis organizers. 

A study by the National Cannabis Coalition in conjunction with Show-Me Cannabis found that legal (and taxable) pot would generate substantial cash for the state budget, according to an article last month in the Riverfront Times.

The $149 million comes from several different places, but mostly from no longer having to police and prosecute pot smokers.

According to Show-Me Cannabis's John Payne, the group commissioned the study while their 2012 legalization campaign was still alive and well. Because of that, Missouri's study came out first, but he says there will be studies for all 50 states at some point.

According to Dr. Miron's figures, Missouri's government would save $90 million annually and generate $59 million from taxing legalized marijuana like cigarettes and booze.

We have to assume that most people don't like the idea of legalizing pot in the state, since the petitition drive did not successfully put it on the Nov. 6 ballot.

But is it just a matter of time? Advocates aren't going away. The efforts are continuing. Why do you oppose it? Or why do you support legalization, if you do?

LA February 03, 2013 at 11:08 PM
What kills me is in today's society there are a lot of drug dealers out there. Some specifically sell just weed. In stl there are many killings for drug deal gone wrong. Or people getting robbed and killed because they are known to have a large amounts in their home. If they make it legal I'm sure they will see a large decrease in the amount of killings because it will put the dealers out of business. I'm sure that dealer won't have better then what will be put on the shelf for purchase. I don't believe the numbers of users will increase massively. Legal or non-legal if one wants to use it they will weather able to be purchased at a store or from a house around the corner. What gets me is acholol is legal which in the event of that how many deaths arises from acholol. Millions and still counting. From car accidents #1 reason, then to acholol poisoning, liver failure, and dong just plain stupid things that resulted in death. If they was to legalize then that will create a lot of jobs, save a lot of people failing drug that due to usage and be able to work, tax will help with the state income, relieve jails of petty arrests. Some tend to forget that weed is a plant with no additives of man made chemicals. But the same people who object the matter are probable the ones who go home from work and have a drink.
Harley March 22, 2013 at 06:20 AM
You know what people that don't smoke POT shut the hell up because your really don't know how pot effect people n it don't make people stupid n I'm living proof I smoked it while going to school n I made all a's n b's. so quit your winning n as far as pot accidents hahaha try another excuse n if u eat the seed it restores ur memory I know that for a fact!n as it being classified as a gate way drug well I got something to say to u on that note shut the hell up u don't know what ur talking about n shove it up ur ass for as us POT HEADS cares
R Jones March 22, 2013 at 01:02 PM
Yeah, quit your "winning". I think you've eaten too many seeds there Harley. Harley here is the prime example why Marijuana will not be legalized in Missouri, because if your lobbyists are half as burnt out as he is they are better off being quiet, or in Harley's case not posting.
PaulRevere March 22, 2013 at 06:50 PM
1) What is the definition of "Recreational". Driving under Drug use subjected to "murder" charges , if you "Pot and "drive. and kill anyone while in an accident. How's that for some Pot use control. Of course, it's your body. I could care less about what you smoke, drink, or eat. After all, Drinking is also a "recreational" substance. Yet, over 50,000 annually "maimed" or Killed with that "recreation product" Now that's some sport that could use a better "helmet".
PaulRevere March 22, 2013 at 06:56 PM
Harley: This is truly a master "riding". A clever way that says it all. I'm going to frame this and post it on my "horsesase".


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