Comments from Patchland: China, Smoking and Public Urination

This week's selection includes opinions about smoking bans, police departments and Lambert Airport.

It was a busy week in Patchland. Patch readers have some definite opinions on their police departments, whether the St. Louis-area should pursue being a China hub and smoking bans--again!

Nibble on some of these morsels, and if you're inclined to share your thoughts, click the links and chime in. We're all ears.

Have to go? Don't do it outside!

"Giving tickets for people urinating outside. Well, that is at least a bit different from giving tickets to people who are not doing anything wrong. Don't have a real crime to solve, they will Never show up. If they do, by a remote chance, they will NOT do anything to help. Why doesn't anyone do anything other than make fun of them?? Even Creve Coeur makes fun of Maryland Heights all of the time!! This is the worst nonsense police department I have ever heard of, except maybe Mexico!"

— Laura, Maryland Heights Patch

What's Next?

"I hope the next thing 'they' ban is public cursing, I am so sick of hearing people use foul language in public with no regard for anyone who might hear. This is just another assault on the senses. I actually feel sorry for people who do this because it makes me think they are uneducated and so inarticulate that they can't come up with a better word to use in their sentences. Just one generation ago a person would be considered the lowest of the the low to speak like that in public and possibly punched for speaking as such in front of a man's wife or daughter. Now it seems to be the norm."

— Lisa, Lake Saint Louis Patch

"I agree with previous post. The next ban should be cursing. Then they should also ban revealing clothing. No more skirts or shorts that come above the knee. No dresses or blouses that reveal more than the neck. Swimsuits should also be banned unless they conform to the types of swimming suit they used before 1920. Then barking dogs should be banned. Heck,dogs should never be allowed outside to do their business. Who wants dirty dog poo outside. They should be all forced to learn how to use the indoor toilet. Then of course open toed shoes and flip=flops Must be banned. Thunk of all those toe injuries. We must also ban all facial hair. Beards and mustaches are just creepy. Then finally we Must ban all flowers and trees since their pollen causes so much suffering, the trees and flowers should have been added to the initial clean air act."

— Jane, also on Lake Saint Louis Patch

Who wants to be a hub? We do!

"This is an important and critical move for St. Louis and the local economy. I say push whatever credits need to go trhough to make it happen. Don't look at the short term financial crunch that it may create; think long term. The airport has struggled since TWA caved and American basically stripped it raw. This will be the beginning of a major revitalization for Lambert and St. Louis at large. Opposition from nay sayers is to be expected like that Webbar guy in Kansas City. I'm sure if the smoke blew their way he would be singing a different tune. Othere majaro cargo carriers will turn their focus to St. Louis as a result of this. Major Airlines may increase flights like Delta, who has trimmed the fat in Memphis and in Cincinnati. The overall attention will help bring St. Louis' expensive landing fees down to a more reasonable amount and we'll be back in the game! I say go for it!!!!"

— Julian Johnson, Hazelwood Patch

Smoke? Not here

"WOW! What is next? "Obese persons need not apply." This reminds me of a story my Auntie Carol told me. When she was applying for jobs in Springfield Ma in the 1940's/1950's she encountered signs warning "Irish-Catholics need not apply". Is our country regressing?"

— Eileen Tyrrell, Fenton-High Ridge Patch 

Still paying?

"Who do I contact regarding all the money I've paid to U S FIDELIS, and I am still paying!"

 Debbie Everett-Swift, Wentzville Patch


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