Why A Metal Building Is The Ideal Carport

If you are thinking about building a carport, you probably want to clear out some space in your garage so that you can use it for storage.

If you are thinking about building a carport, you probably want to clear out some space in your garage so you can use it for storage. A carport is a simple metal building where you can park your car, getting it out of the way so that your garage can be used for other things. This is a much better option than trying to add on to your house to create more storage space, and it is even better than deciding to add to your garage. It is much easier and cheaper to use a carport.  

However, there are a number of different materials that can be used to make a carport. Some people like to use wood so that they can make the building match their home. Others like to use stone or cement because they think that it will offer a high degree of protection to the vehicle inside. While these materials can be helpful, you will see that a metal building is the best option for you. It offers you everything that the other materials can, and it gives you some additional advantages as well.

Protection From The Elements

As far as protection from the elements is concerned, a metal building is just as robust and durable as a carport that is made using stones. You do not have to worry about snow, rain, or hail damaging your car. The metal roof will be a layer of protection that cannot be breached. It is much easier to work with than stone if you are doing the job on your own, and it is also quite a bit cheaper. Despite these upsides, it will keep the car as safe as any stone could possibly do over the years.


If space is the main motivation, and you need a lot of it, something larger may be in order. Looking online for companies that go beyond small buildings (like Coast to Coast Carports pole barns) may be a good route to take as well. A pole barn could be used for everything from animal shelter to storing farm equipment.

Matching Your Home

When you use metal, the carport can easily be customized to match your home, even if your home is made out of wood. You just have to paint it to be the same color. If you have a home with white walls and blue trim, for example, you can paint the metal these exact colors and everything will fit together nicely. The real material that is used is not as important as you may think. You can also add wooden siding to a metal wall with screws. This job could be done in just a day, and it will give you a building that looks like wood, but that has the strength of metal.

Cost and Construction

As far as the other advantages go, they mostly center around the cost and the process of building the carport. Search around online for companies that offer free delivery if you are constructing the building yourself or find a company that also constructs their kits if you just want to get it done without doing it yourself.

Good companies like Coast to Coast Carports, Inc. will have no problem just delivering or constructing. Metal can be very cheap since it can be mass-produced. Using it to make a metal building is easy because you just have to screw or bolt large sheets of it to the frame. It is much more complicated to use wood because you have to cut so many pieces to fit. Metal sheets just have to be cut once and set in place, and the job will be done.

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Terry Jones January 14, 2013 at 08:15 AM
Lately, I've been thinking of building a carport, but a timber one. It (I mean something in this vein: http://ecocurves.co.uk/projects/item/25-revelatio-carport) will ideally match with the rest of my garden. Now, the thing is, I am a little afraid about the wood reliability. I mean, how long will it endure the elements, for instance?


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