Wheaton's Shame

What's really happening in Wheaton?

Today was a day like none other in the town that we chose to live in.  Went out this after noon to mail some things to my daughter at college, and decided to go to the downtown Wheaton post office.  On approaching the location I could not help but notice a large picture with a table and a man passing out fliers.  I could not believe what I saw as I searched for a parking space and had to go around the block to find one.  I had to pray for peace of mind as for what I saw.  It took me a few minutes to go around the block because of the one-way streets that did not allow me to come back around quickly.  There in front of the post office, a federal building, was a picture of President Obama, with a Hitler mustache and sign saying impeach Obama.  Also there were many accusations against him on fliers and printed under the picture.  However, I was so saddened by the whole thing, that it firstly, was allowed outside of the post office.  Secondly, the race is over and the outcome has been spoken by the people.  This whole election proved that America is divided racially, but with a political excuse!!!  If any accusations had any validity, why weren't they presented during his term and why not present before the election took place!  The sad thing about it, I saw older white people, taking the time to stop and listen and read the papers that the man passed out.  I was so upset, I did not care who heard what I had to say.  I spoke openly about this disrespectful event.

Wheaton prides itself on being a "Christian" community, and I too am a believer in Christ and God's Word.  If Wheaton was really in touch with the "Christ side" of their character, they would have taken the outcome and realized that God's will has been done.  Pride is the object of their dissatisfaction! According to the Bible, God's Word, we are to pray for those in leadership and authority, that there would be peace in our land.  It is not about the issues that we do not agree with, because I did not agree with some of the issues, but I do respect the position of authority that God has placed over America.  All this man was doing, was throwing wood in the fire, not allowing people to accept the outcome of the election.  This issue is more racial than political! If it continues, God has a way of getting the attention of those who choose not to accept what He has allowed! Let this take its course that we may be in the perfect will of God.  Sometimes the outcome of the matter can bring good or bad, but it is ordained by God to come to pass!



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Charlotte Eriksen November 14, 2012 at 08:55 PM
Thanks for posting this, Frances! I also saw these people outside the post office. The Hitler 'stache is so unnecessary.


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