Snow Causes Major Delays for Hazelwood Commuters

Thursday's winter storm dropped several inches of snow and sleet on the Hazelwood-area, which meant some drivers were stuck on the highways for hours.

What once took 20 minutes took longer than two hours. 

That's the situation some Hazelwood-area residents found themselves in driving home during Thursday's snow storm. 

Thursday's winter storm dropped several inches of snow and sleet on nearby highways and interstates, which wreaked havoc on folks looking to get home early from work. 

Many of St. Louis' major highways were at a standstill for most of Thursday afternoon. Trapped in that gridlock were a few Hazelwood residents. 

"Took two hours... normally takes me 20 minutes," said Chris Charboneau, a fan of Hazelwood Patch's Facebook page. "(Highway 40) west was a mess. I detoured to Ballas to Ladue to 270."

Other were lucky enough to leave work early. 

"Took Lindbergh from Page to Missouri Bottom without an issue," said Karen Tinkham Gleason. "We have four-wheel drive and just took it easy. Did see a BMW stuck that couldn't get up one of the hills."

What about you? What was your afternoon drive like on Thursday? Did you get home on time or was your commute interrupted by slick highways? 

Ashley February 22, 2013 at 05:06 PM
I saw on Facebook that Candace got stuck in the ditch. I'm glad someone came to help her out. That's what NoCo is about. Neighbors helping neighbors. I'm tired of those that try to give us a bad wrap.
Candace Jarrett February 22, 2013 at 05:42 PM
Yes It was a crazy day Ashley. I'm keeping my butt at home. I was very thankful for the nice man. All the tow trucks, Hazelwood and County police, MoDOT that passed and this gentleman was the only one that actually asked if I needed help. God Bless him.


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