Patch Invites Clubs, Teams and Associations to Blog on Patch

Connect to your members and the community with some great features like our events calendar and gallery.

Did you know the has hundreds of recognized clubs? Patch invites them all to start conversations on the site by blogging.

Hazelwood Patch can be a wonderful resource for your Community Association club, or any city team, homeowners' association, scout troop, church group, quilting club, or other organization.

First, you can enter your events into our Event Calendar. It's free, and it's easy.

Second, you can use our Announcements feature to tell the rest of Hazelwood and North County about your group and its accomplishments.

Third, you can become a Patch blogger. Blogs are published under the Local Voices column. Take a look, and you'll see some familiar names, residents and business people in the community who have ideas, opinions, experiences or expertise to share. Your club can blog, too! Get started here.

Fourth, share your pictures and video in our Gallery.

Patch is here to serve you. Take advantage of all the opportunities we have to offer you in getting the word out to the community about your club, your events and fundraisers, your service projects and your news. It's all free!


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