Hurricane Sandy Updates: How are You Keeping up with Family?

Do you have family or friends living on the East Coast? How will you keep in contact as Hurricane Sandy falls on land?

Those of us in the Midwest and in Hazelwood are lucky because we are not in the path of Hurricane Sally's wrath; however, there are those of us who have loved ones living on the East Coast.

Forecasts are saying the worst of Sandy's effects should hit Monday during the day.

How will you stay connected with loved ones when the worst of the storm hits?

Luckily, in 2012 there are a plethora of methods when the power goes out. If you have a charged laptop with a WI-Fi hotspot or smartphone, you may be ahead of the curve.

Below are a few ideas on how to keep up with those important people in your life that may have a visit from Sandy.

Get connected:

1. Get on Facebook and Twitter.

Social media is a hugely popular way to get information out to large groups of people at once. You'll be able to see what people are talking about regarding the storm from varying perspectives.

2. Follow a solid list of recommended resources during the storm on Facebook and Twitter including:

3. Use and follow Twitter hashtags (#) regarding the hurricane.

Keep abreast of what people on the coast are saying with the Twitter hashtags #Sandy and #HurricaneSandy.

4. The American Red Cross' Safe and Well list is another way to stay connected. People can visit the site, http://redcross.org/safeandwell, and register as “Safe and Well.” When a concerned friend or family searches the person's name on the site they will know whether or not they are okay.


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