Hazelwood Patch Looking for Photo Bloggers

Enjoy your camera and the awesome pictures you get out if it? Why not consider becoming a Hazelwood Patch blogger?

Have an eye for photography? Love snapping photos of your kids during their games or performances? Or maybe you just love taking pictures of all the beauty the has to offer? 

If you even remotely match any of the above, Hazelwood Patch is looking for you!

In our never-ending search for bloggers to join our team, Hazelwood Patch is actively soliciting readers to become photo bloggers! 

What does blogging for Patch entail? Not much, really.

  • Blogging for us is quick, easy and free.
  • You can blog as much or as little as you wish. No deadlines or requirements.
  • All you have to do is enjoy sharing your voice (and in this case, your photography)!


Anyone can be a blogger. 

Email editor or call at 314-341-5417.

Positive you want to blog and don't needs to ask any questions? Just CLICK HERE.

Patch bloggers are not paid and they own the content they produce. So if you are already blogging and want to share with our readers, too, let us know.

This is a chance to share your expertise and opinions with a wider audience! 


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