General Motors Recalls the Chevy Cruze due to Risk of Engine Fires

Are Hazelwood area dealerships selling the GM vehicle concerned? Find out what to do if you own one.

On Friday, GM said it is recalling nearly a half million Chevy Cruzes. This number is the total amount the company has built in North America during the past two years.

Engine Fires

The reason for the recall? The recall is needed to fix a problem that could result in engine fires. It’s the second time GM has recalled pretty much its entire Cruze fleet, Nick Bunkley at Automotive News points out in a Forbes article.

The latest GM recall covers 413,418 Cruzes sold in the United States during the 2011 and 2012 model years and another 60,000 sold in Canada, according to a GM statement.

All the affected cars were built at GM’s plant in Lordstown, Ohio, from the start of production in 2010 through this past May, according to MSNBC.com.

The recall involves modifying the engine shield under the vehicle. GM says the modification will prevent any liquids, such as motor oil, from being trapped in the engine compartment.

It's the car's fifth recall since it arrived in showrooms nearly two years ago, according to USA Today.

Local Reaction

GM says it has received 30 reports of engine fires, but does not know of any injuries. The recall follows a federal investigation that was opened into 2011 Cruze models in April and subsequently expanded to 2012 versions.

So are local GM dealerships concerned, along with those that sell pre-owned Chevy vehicles? Hazelwood Patch has a call out to a few local dealerships and will update when local owners return the phonecalls.

But action has been swift with the recall. For example has a listing of pre-owned vehicles on its website and under the search tab for Chevy vehicles, does not list the Cruze as a search option.

If you visit Jalopnik.com, you can see a video of a Chevrolet Cruze catching fire.

What to do if you own a Cruze?

GM said it will send instructions to owners in a notification that’s scheduled to go out on July 11. GM also issued a second recall, for 53,000 Cruzes, to check for possible missing welds on gas tanks.

Information identifying where and when a vehicle was assembled can be found on a plate in the driver’s door jamb.

Do you own a Cruze? Have you been notified of the recall and what to do next?

Ashley June 23, 2012 at 03:03 PM
I considered purchasing one of these but decided on something else at Behlmann two years ago. Glad I did.


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