Cupid's Chokehold: Romantic Valentine's Day Date Ideas For Every Couple

Chocolate, dancing, dining and more, it may be overrated or it may be just what the doctor prescribed.

Chocolates, jewelry and flowers are a few of the many traditional ways to express your love and affection for your special someone on Valentine’s Day. But if that a bit boring there are also other ways to celebrate the day dedicated to love.

For those searching for romantic date ideas, traditional and unconventional, we have you covered. Just pick from our list of romantic things to do for Valentine’s Day.

  1. Movie Night
    This is not your typical movie night at the theater. Pick a romantic DVD and watch it at home in bed with the one you love. Just beginning your relationship? Make a picnic in the living room with your sweetie’s favorite movie, snack, popcorn or candy.
  2. Longtime Love: Recreate Your First Date
    Remember the first night you went out? Try to recreate that first night as close as possible. Go to the same locations. Wear a similar outfit and it will create the same spark that brought you together.
  3. Make It A Romantic Evening at Home
    Start with dinner you and your darling prepared together. Dance, play games and enjoy each other. You can even make an at-home spa and give each other massages.
  4. Take A Long Walk with Your Sweetie
    Head over to Truman Park and take a stroll with your sweetie. Nature can be very serene and add quite a bit of romance to an evening.
  5. Take a Drive
    Go for a drive without a specific location in mind. Head down the road and turn only on predetermined area or event, such as a street sign that starts with the first letter of your name, or has the number in your birthday. After a predetermined amount of time, say 30 minutes, stop and do whatever is at the location you have arrived. You may discover a new coffee shop, a boutique or a cute little café. Hop back into the car afterward and do it all over again for a day of discovery.
  6. Dance Together
    Go out dancing or if you have two left feet, take a dance class together. Dancing is always romantic and a good excuse to touch each other in public without all of the raised eyebrows and funny looks. Try Argentine tango, it is both romantic and sensual.
  7. Make Em' Laugh.
    For a first date or even with an old love, there is nothing better than laughter. Take your favorite person out to a comedy club to hear some live jokes and laugh the night away.
  8. Reserve a Table at White Castles: Valentine's Day dinner attendees will be treated to table-side service. The restaurant will feature themed decorations throughout. Cravers in the St. Louis region can call 314-535-7430 ext. 11 from 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday to make reservations.
  9. Jazz at the Bistro is one of St. Louis’ premiere jazz clubs. It's romantic on any night, and on Valentine’s night will feature Sachal Vasandani.
  10. Bailey’s Chocolate Bar is, of course, chocolate themed. It is known for its desserts and chocolate martini’s, chocolate vodkas, and hot chocolates, but it also has cheese plate or pizzetta.


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