Jim McKelvey Appointed to Emerald Automotive Board of Directors

Jim McKelvey, a Washington University graduate, will serve Emerald as a non-executive board member and help the company with their initial production of the t-001.

A St. Louis native has been appointed to the board of directors for Emerald Automotive.

Jim McKelvey, a Washington University graduate, will serve as a non-executive board member for the company, which in .

He brings experience in growing small tech companies, and connections to Silcon Valley venture capital that may help Emerald find funding for its $160 million plant.

McKelvey is a serial entrepreneur known for starting up many businesses, including being a co-founder of mobile payment service Square Inc., Mira Digital Publishing and Third Degree Glass Factory.

Emerald Automotive is a low-emissions, extended range electric commercial van company. The is an all-new lightweight, zero/low-emissions, extended-range electric vehicle that is preparing to serve the medium-size global commercial fleet market.

The t-001 is said to drastically reduce emissions and result in substantial cost savings for customers.

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