In Love with Love: 'Hazelwood Patch' Shares Top Romantic Films

If you decide to stay in tonight, you may need some romantic suggestions. Here's a few, plus a way to get a free Redbox movie, good Valentine's Day only.

In no specific order, Hazelwood Patch is listing a few great movies to watch on Valentine's Day. Let's call them "epic romantic films." If you have them on dvd or in some cases on tape, great! You can save a trip to the video store, if you have one left where you live.

If not, Redbox is also running a special today. Movie lovers can send a virtual Valentine’s Day greeting card with a free, one-night DVD rental to a loved one via the Redbox Facebook page. The one-night DVD rental is good for redemption on Valentine’s Day only. Additionally, Redbox gifts are available for purchase and can be shared via e-mail, text or Facebook.

Enjoy the movie trailers and vote for your favorite romantic movie. If you don't see your favorties in the video list, tell us in the comments section.


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