Dale's Music in Hazelwood is Evolving with the Times

Dale’s Music has been a staple in the Hazelwood community for more than 20 years now, but not everyone knows the store has more to offer than music lessons and instruments.

There is more than meets the eye going on inside , located at
6235 North Lindbergh Boulevard. Automatically known for more than 20 years of instrument purchases and rentals, along with music lessons, the store has evolved with time to include much including major renovations.

Owner Greg Smith said he has made many improvements to the building and services to ensure his business continues to be a family-friendly learning environment for kids and parents alike.

"We are the same family oriented store dedicated to those with a love for music but we are expanding to all aspects of music," Smith told Hazelwood Patch editor Candace Jarrett. "People don't realize all that we have in hear. There's so much to offer."

Founding Services

As the name implies, Dale’s Music has instructors offering music education lessons. Lessons are four weeks commitments at $70 per month. Smith said this arrangement makes it affordable and flexible to take lessons and reduces the risk of getting burnt out. It also allows for a student to switch instruments easily if they choose to do so.

There's also the repair shop, which is for stringed, woodwind and brass instruments. Smith said Dale's Music private instructors teach lessons on guitar, bass, drums, piano, flute, clarinet and saxophone.

Jon Banks is a guitar and bass instructor, and has been one for more than three years. He said interest in private lessons has steadily increased, and attributes the growing interest in lessons to video games such as Guitar Hero. 

Regardless of what prompts someone to take lessons, the payoff for Banks is always the same.

“My reward is when I can see that light bulb go off in my students’ heads from a concept I’ve been working on for weeks,” he said.

Exhibits and Latin Dancing

Another aspect of the store Smith said he is proud of housing a collection of Fender brand custom shop aluminum guitars. He said Hollywood collector Joe Schneider  developed the collection. It was featured in the 1997 issue of Vintage Guitar Magazine.

Another thing you might not expect from a music store is Latin dancing class. On Saturdays from 11 a.m. to noon, and Mondays from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., COCA instructors teach Latin basics.

“We have a huge here in so we are embracing the culture while involving the arts and education,” Smith said.

Expansion and Recitals

 No instruction studio would be complete without recitals. For some music stores that provide instruction, halls or rooms have to be rented for recitals. Smith said he decided as part of changing with the times, he wants to keep everything in-house so there's an additional gem inside Dale’s Music: a new auditorium.

The auditorium is used for student concerts and clinics. Smith said each instructor holds his own small and private concert with his or her own students.

Future Additions

There are many amenities that make Dale's Music a unique user experience. Still, Smith said he isn't done with adding to his facility. So what could he do to enhance it any more? You guessed it, a music studio.

Dale's Music will soon be a recording studio as Smith said he is in the process of adding it and is expected to be done by fall. The studio will offer students the chance to record voice-over's, as well as offer audio book recording.

Smith said he also hasn't crossed out the possibility of allowing live bands to record demos.

Ashley June 11, 2012 at 08:38 PM
I rented my first flute here. Glad the business is still going strong.
Chris Charboneau June 11, 2012 at 10:34 PM
It is a great store. A local treasure to be sure.


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