The List: Spring Cleaning Edition

This week's Patch Picks list is dedicated to welcoming the Spring and all its mild weather.

Let's encourage Spring to come on to Hazelwood. This list will help you with some Spring cleaning and gardening prep for outside. Tune in Next week for things you may need to do to the inside of your home to prepare for Spring.

  1. Roof, Gutters and Siding: Checking out your house’s siding, roof and gutters is a good thing to do at the change of each season. Ensure your gutters are free of debris and are draining properly. Examine the siding for cracks and other hazards. Look for wear and tear on the roof or missing shingles. All of these precautions will be beneficial come the storms, heat and humidity of the summer months.

  2. Outdoor Electrical and Water Hoses: Since the upcoming months will bring lots of time spent outdoors, it’s important to inspect the things you’ll be needing such as water hoses and electrical outlets. Need help with this? Check out Schneider Electric or Briner Electric for help.

  3. Grilling: Tis’ the season for gas grills, so give yours a light and be sure that the propane tank is full. Get out all the grilling essentials such as grill brush and tongs and give them a once-over to make sure they’re good for another year. If winter storms ripped up the grill cover, now’s the time to buy a new one. Hit up or your local for a few grilling essentials.

  4. Yard Maintenance: Take a look at your yard and figure out what it’s lacking. Buy some grass seed for barren spots and don’t forget the fertilizer to help it along. Start thinking about the amounts and types of flowers, shrubs and bulbs you want to spring up. Grab some of these things from Big River Sod Farm.

  5. Tree Trimming: While you’re out in the yard, look up at the trees and decide if they need a trim. If branches are hanging over the house or are over the street then you could be in major trouble if a summer storm sends them downwards. T&L Tree Service might be able to help you out.

  6. Tune-Ups: Spring and summer are prime-time for lawnmowers. Pull yours out of the garage and give it a tune-up. Check the oil and the spark plugs and give her a whirl. If it doesn’t start then call Finke Brothers Lawnmower Repair on Missouri Bottom Road and see what they suggest.

  7. Fake It Til' You Make It: If there isn’t enough grass to mow then you’ll need some sod to jump-start the season. It’s easier than waiting for the grass seeds to grow and ensures even coverage throughout. Schroeder Sod Farm or Tebeau Sod Company are two places to check.

  8. Car Essentials: As long as you’re cleaning up things outside, don’t forget about the car. Clean the inside and outside and look for any dents from winter hail that you might want fixed. Go to the or for a good scrub and can give estimates on those dents.

  9. Landscape Architect: If you’ve dreamt of your own pond in the yard, it’s easier than you think. Just call Replications Unlimited. They specialize in water garden and pond construction and can help to make your watery daydreams a reality.

  10. Swimming Ready: Though it seems far away, soon it will be time to open up the swimming pools. If you’re fortunate enough to have one, check it now to avoid costly repairs all at once. Inspect the pump for cracks and enough sand to keep it going properly. Check out the liner for tears and stock up now on items you’ll soon need like Vertex or Shock. O’Brian Swimming Pool Service or Pool Specialists Inc., will fit the bill on things you may need.


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