Knollwood Residents Express Concern Over Water Issue

On Monday, residents called and emailed 'Hazelwood Patch' with concerns about the water being cut off. Property management cites a water pressure valve issue.

Residents at lost their water on Sunday. When they didn't get a letter or word from management about what was going on, many were immediately concerned the water bill had not been paid.

Some residents reached out to Hazelwood Patch to find out what was going on. An excerpt from one concerned resident is as follows:

"The water at three Knollwood Apartments buildings, according to residents and the on call maintenance personnel, has been off since about 6pm on Sunday, April 15th. Missouri American Water says its not their problem and Knollwood says its American Water's fault. Meanwhile, residents are without drinking water and the ability to flush toilets...Please look into this if you can."

The Problem

Miguel Ramirez, Knollwood's property manager spoke with Hazelwood Patch on Tuesday and said there was never a financial issue involved.

"We had to replace the water pressure valve on the exterior of the building," he said. "As soon as we heard about the issue we called a plumber because it was out of our control."

Ramirez said American Water was called in on Sunday night around 10 p.m. to shut off access to water.

"The top of the valve just popped off," he said. "We called the plumber in the morning (Monday) and he was out here by 3 p.m., and had the water back on."

Ramirez said due to everything happening so quickly, his team didn't have time to send out a letter to residents letting them know what happened to water access inside the apartments.

"It just happened so quickly," he said. "We wanted to get the water back on."

Rep. William Lacy Clay's Office Gets Involved

Some of the concerned residents also reached out to U.S. Rep. William Lacy Clay's office (D-MO), who currently holds the 1st Congressional District seat, of which the is a part.

Sandy Houston, special projects coordinator in Clay's office also received a similar answer for the lack of water supply at the complex, Sunday through Monday, and responded to those concerned via email.

"I've spoken with the management at Knollwood about the problem, they informed me that they are aware of the problem/concerns," she said in the email. "They said due to the a break in the water line on the property they are responsible for the repairs.

"They told me they contacted a contractor and the they are now out working on the problem."

Past Financial Issues

In March Hazelwood Patch reported on some .

Wells Fargo Bank alleged the complex was one of 17 nationwide in default on loans secured on behalf of the apartments.

The lender requested a receiver for each apartment complex. The receiver would collect rent from tenants and make repairs. All-in-all, Wells Fargo alleged the owner of the properties is in default on a $198.6 million loan secured by the apartment properties, according to filing documents.

The owners have since made arrangements for a receiver to handle rent collection and repairs.

Ramirez said management could not discuss the owner's financial information.


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