Google Maps Car Spotted in Hazelwood: Will You Be Spotted on the Map?

The camera-bearing car has been rolling through the streets of Hazelwood recently, and Patch asked readers about their Maps experiences. Add your voice to the conversation!

Monday afternoon after I saw the Google Maps car rolling through my neighborhood streets, I hit our Hazelwood Patch Facebook page to ask if anyone else had seen it in the area.

Several members of the community spoke up, including Trish Caimi-Schroeder, who said she had seen it about a week ago on Williams Boulevard.

“I guess they make their rounds to all of ,” she added.

Kathy LoGrasso posted that her friend had seen it in St. Charles recently, and Sheri Rodgers said she’d seen it there on Saturday near Bass Pro.

“Wow, that’s gotta be a hard job, I can’t even imagine,” posted Laurie Tenshler. “That’s a lot of mapping!”

When People Get Mapped

There are countless jokes, stories, websites and even movies that reference the often- amusing photos you can see when you use Google Street View, a feature of Maps.

On the current version of the Google map of my neighborhood, I can be seen sitting on my front porch while waiting for my son’s bus to arrive one afternoon.

I asked our Facebook friends if any of them had found themselves on Google Maps, and several responded that they had.

“Jonathan was walking down the street at our old house when they came by,” posted Andrea Lewis Schramm, referring to her oldest son.

“They came through Ferguson the other day when we were at my mom’s,” wrote Michele Schindler-Bauer. “That’s gonna be a funny one, because all four of my kids were sitting on the front porch!”

“We were driving and they passed us, so not sure if they took pics or not,” Sheri Rodgers posted.

Add your voice to the conversation! 

  • Have you seen the Google Maps car in your neighborhood lately?
  • Have you ever been in a Maps photo?

Share your thoughts in the comments section, below! 

Got a screenshot? Upload it and share with the community!



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