Farewell But Not Goodbye, This Patch Editor Signs Off

Founding Hazelwood Patch editor Candace Jarrett thanks readers for making Patch part of the community. St. Louis Patch editors will see their last day on the job Oct. 15.

Patch editor Candace Jarrett. Photo Credit: Candace Jarrett
Patch editor Candace Jarrett. Photo Credit: Candace Jarrett
Updated on Oct. 15

I'd like to begin this message expressing thanks and gratitude. 

Thanks to my friends, family, former classmates, neighbors, local business owners, local leaders and every person that accepted Patch as a local news source. 

In 2010, my growing family and I moved from Florida back to Hazelwood, where I grew up, to work for AOL. I had found an awesome opportunity doing what I love, which is telling stories. AOL was expanding its subsidiary Patch. It was working well on the East Coast, and the company felt it had a solid formula to work throughout the country.

So I jumped. I took a leap of faith and I am saddened to have to let you all know soon each Patch editor in St. Louis will leave their posts. We are part of a restructuring in the company that entails dissolving our positions. 

I want to be the one from which you hear the news. 

Tuesday October 15 is the last day on the job for St. Louis-area editors of Patch.com.

The sites are not closing. You can still write a blog if you choose, or post an announcement. All aspects of the sites are available including posting events on our calendars. You'll also still receive daily newsletters.

That's about all I know.

I don't regret one moment of the time I've been a part of the AOL-Patch family. I've held a couple positions, and moved back into the local editor role after Florissant Patch's founding editor, Aja Junior, left the company in August. 

I have to say the title most dear to my heart has been as the founding editor of Hazelwood Patch although I've worked with and come to know so many more people throughout North County and my time serving Mid and South counties as well.

I've enjoyed so many conversations via email, on the site and on our social media pages. Thanks to people like Deloris E., Kelly K., Michelle S-B, Chris C., and so many more that chat with me day in, and day out. 

I appreciate all the news tips, calls, emails, photos, videos, announcements, event posts and each blogger. Also to every person that took time to do an interview with me, thank you.

Thanks for stopping by and saying hi at event booths, as well as when you see me out in public. 

Thanks for letting me know when I had something spelled incorrectly or when formatting in an article was a little funky. 

Most importantly, thank you for believing in Patch and sharing it with others. I only share things I hold in high regard and like to think that's how you all felt about Patch

So know this is farewell as your Patch editor, but not goodbye. 

I'll still be around. I'm still your neighbor.

My last day is October 15. I hope you enjoy these last few day of local news I provide, and I hope Patch was and will continue to be beneficial to you in some way. 

Peace & Blessings,
Candace Jarrett

Follow me on Twitter @StlPatchCandace.

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Ann Learner October 13, 2013 at 12:24 PM
AOL is not reading these posts. If you want to tell them what you think of firing ALL the St Louis staff you have to contact them directly. The person responsible is their CEO and chair Tim Armstrong tim.armstrong@teamaol.com. >>>>>>>Tell him what you think
Myra Lopez October 13, 2013 at 08:09 PM
Candace, you did a great job. Good luck going forward.
Candace Jarrett October 15, 2013 at 09:07 AM
Michele thank you for the kind words. I can't wait to interact on Twitter. I will miss the Patch chats as well.
Candace Jarrett October 15, 2013 at 09:07 AM
Sandra thank you for reading every article!
Sonny Pondrom October 18, 2013 at 07:11 PM
It is really not as good without the editors. Gonna miss you all.


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