Free Summer Concert Series Kicks off at Truman Park

Enjoy some fresh air and great music at Truman Park on Saturdays

On Saturday evening, the summer sounds of crickets and birds chirping was accompanied by some great music as local band Amberfade rocked Truman Park. More than 100 local residents scattered the hillside overlooking the newly built pavilion set against the backdrop of the park’s lake and fountain, and watched the kickoff to Hazelwood’s Summer Concert Series, which will conclude on August 13.

Music fans looking for an evening out, some fresh air, and a great time with friends or family, enjoyed songs by artists such as Pink Floyd, Monstrose REO, Poison and Jimi Hendrix. While many people sat in lawn chairs or on blankets, others couldn’t hold back when they heard the tunes start rolling. Several got up and danced to Amberfade’s renditions of the classic songs.

Mara Berry walked to the park with neighbors, toting lawn chairs and lots of bug spray. Berry, who regularly walks the park for exercise and beautiful sights and sounds of nature, said she had been curious about the pavilion, as she observed its erection throughout the last year. She was thrilled to find out that it would be used for concerts.

Councilman Mike Conley of Ward 4 attended the event with his son and daughter. He told Patch he was relieved the rain had held off and said he was enjoying the beautiful weather and great music with his family. Conley said the summer concerts were previously held at Howdershell Park, but after the gazebo was built at Truman, the city decided to hold its concert series there instead.

Austin Shocklee and Jordan Adams, both age 11, and 5-year-old James Walter sipped some juice boxes as they relaxed on a large blanket. In fact, little James was so relaxed that he fell asleep. His mother, Sarah Adams, who attended the event with family, said her son was tuckered out from a long day and lots of fun in the park before the concert.

“We got here early,” Adams said. “We only live a few streets away, and it was a nice night for a walk.” She added with a chuckle that she had sent her fiancé to get the car so they would not have to walk home later that evening.

Adams told Patch that she and her family planned to attend every concert this summer. “This is great music, a great way to spend time with the family, and it’s free! What could be better than that?” she said.

Siinya Dulaney said she had been keeping her eye on the signs for the upcoming concert series for several weeks, looking forward to the kickoff. She and several family members attended and were among dozens of people who took a convenient shuttle bus from Hazelwood Community Center at White Birch Park after parking at Truman Park filled up.

"We're excited about bringing this type of free entertainment to the residents of our community," said Mayor Matthew Robinson, City of Hazelwood.  "Although the City has gone through some hard times over the past couple of years due to the slow economic recovery, I'm glad to see that we're still able to produce good quality programs like the Summer Concert Series."

For more information on the bands that will be included in this year’s concert series, as well as the schedule, please visit the city's event calendar. Each concert will begin promptly at 7 p.m. on a Saturday. Great bands coming up feature an Elvis impersonator, jazz, country and many other genres of music. There's something for everyone! Should there be inclement weather, concerts will be held at Hazelwood Community Center at White Birch Park.




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